A La Carte (December 15)

Today there aren’t any new Kindle Deals but Michael Hyatt’s Living Forward is still on the list and has been discounted another dollar!

How Exercise Can Make Your Brain Bigger, Smarter, and Healthier
Your health is an important tool to your business. To get the best of both worlds, resistance and aerobic, stick to a Sprinting protocol.

5 Quick Bio-Hacks for Skin, Memory, and Muscle Growth
For Memory growth, I would stick to #3 and #4.

Top 10 Medical Innovations to Watch Out For in 2017
Great start-up ideas. #8 is especially interesting to me…

Superhero Workout Series: Move Like Spider-Man
Some great moves to add to your HIIT workout or do during lunch

The Very Best Books I read in 2016
Ryan Holiday’s best books of 2016. If you want something specifically for productivity and creativity check out Srinivas Rao’s top 5 list of 2016. Phil Knight’s Bio has been on almost every list and has been recommended to me by many. Definitely going to my next biography I read!


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