Ownership Doesn’t Point Fingers

When things aren’t happening the way we planned our instinct is to blame everything else but ourselves.

Not enough time.

Not enough cash flow.

Need more products to sell.

Employees not exceeding expectations.

Teammates or coworkers not doing their part.

The salesforce needs more training.

There needs to be more meetings.

Customers aren’t buying.

Ultimately, these problems stem from a lack of ownership.

When we take ownership of our life and responsibilities, it is like facing oneself in the mirror when you wake up. You don’t leave without making the proper changes to look pretty. If you happen to have run out of toothpaste, you don’t ignore it by blaming the toothpaste and then go to work without brushing your teethe, but you go buy some toothpaste before you have to face everyone else at work.

(If it wasn’t for my wife, I would have this problem)

Ownership points no fingers.

We must own up to the problems in our business and life. Thus, the first person we must face is ourselves. The first person we should question is ourselves. The first we must challenge is ourselves. The first person that must change, is you.

Ownership will make the right changes and priorities to gain more time. Ownership will cut useless spending. Ownership will lead and teach others. Ownership will begin selling after their customers say no.

Ownership points no fingers, but finds a way to overcome and make something happen.

Want to build a legacy worth telling a story about? Own your life.

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